News Item: 20/June/2024

Red Squirrel Vince takes time out "on the road to Marrakesh".

Thanks Vince, thats cheered us up while we suffer the cool Northerly winds!

News Item: 17/June/2024

The Red Squirrels welcomed the Birdies from Southerness golf club today.

It was a fairly warm and dry day. The course still showing signs of the winter ravages.

But all agreed it had been a great match, enjoying the company and the catering.

Captain Ashley (right) and his 4ball (Kevin, John and Gerry) accepting the Annual trophy for 2024.

Result  ..  ..  ..  Carlisle 4, Southerness 2.

Ashley and Waughy perform the "Disappearing ship trick".

News Item: 7/June/24

 Red Squirrels AWAY-DAY.

MONDAY 15th JULY 2024.  Final payment to Alistair is now due please.

Brilliant venue, coffee and butties, 4 ball better ball Stableford,

2 course meal, raffles, prize giving, speeches! Drinks.

and thanks:    Alistair Kirkpatrick

News Item: 3/June/2024

The Red Squirrels travelled to Scotland today for their first fixture

against the Vintage from Lochmaben Golf Club.

A great welcome was extended from the senior golfers.

A very warm, dry day. Great for  golf.

And a brilliant, enjoyable  day.

Captains for the day, (centred left and right) John and Clive

with playing partners David (left) and Gordon (right),

Enjoyed a good contest and a hearty meal.

Result: Carlisle 2, Lochmaben 6.

News Item: 20/May/2024

The Red Squirrels travelled to Northumberland today to visit 

the Reivers from Hexham Golf Club.

A great welcome with bacon rolls, teas and coffees awaited.

A warm, dull but dry day. Perfect for a golf match.

Everyone agreed on a tough but close and enjoyable  day.

Captains for the day, Rob (left) and Bob (right),

their partners Dave (inside right) and Allan lead the 'charge'

to a good contest and a hearty meal.

Result: Carlisle 41/2, Hexham 3/12

News Item: 13/May/2024

The Red Squirrels welcomed the Sandpipers from Silloth golf club today.

The weather was another lovely warm, dry day. Perfect for golf.

Everyone agreed it had been a great match. All enjoyed the company, the "crack", the course and the catering.

Captains for the day, Frank and Jim thanked all the players for making it a successful day.

Result  ..............  Carlisle 2, Silloth 6.

Clem warms up for the big match !

News Item: 29/April/2024

The Red Squirrels were host to Dad's Army from Penrith.

Match captains Alistair and Kevin lead the charge.

Many thanks were  offered to players and staff for a good day,

although the weather maintained it's current trend

but the home team managed a good win 5 - 3.

News Item: 24/April/2024

The Red Squirrels travelled to Southerness Golf Club.

They were warmly greeted by the "Birdies" (Senior Golfers).

Under blue skies the Red Squirrels enjoyed the day and

came away with a brilliant 3 1/2 to 2 1/2 victory.

Players ready to do battle: Photo courtesy, Ian Kerr.

News Item: 11/April/2024

The Red Squirrels travelled west to visit the Sandpipers

at Silloth on Solway Golf Club.

Match captains Clem and Jim (centre), with partners 

Eddie and Steve (left and right), ready on the tee

for the team's first 2024 fixture.

The players and clubhouse staff were thanked

for an excellent welcome and great food.

Good weather, excellent course and great "crack".

Home team winning 6 - 2.

News Item: 10/April/24

 Red Squirrels and World Handicap System.

From 1st April we all suffered yet another change to our handicaps.

I'm in no position to say why or how but I can clarify:

When we play on our YELLOW course now, we ALL have had a reduction of 1.6 shots.

New Carlisle Yellow Course Handicaps equal:

[[Your Index) X 135 / 113]]  +  { (Yellow Rating) 69.4 - (Yellow Par) 71 }

[[Old course h/cap]]  +  {-1.6 } rounded.

So we ALL lose 2 shots.

If yours is different it could be rounding or you have put a card in recently.

News Item: 19/March/24

 A group of Red Squirrels volunteer to help the club "Greenstaff",

following the winter storms.

News Item: 11/March/24

 2 lucky Red Squirrels in Portugal spending the cash in this month's

200 club draw.    

Angus and Allan enjoy a pint at the 19th. Brilliant!

News Item: 1/March/24

 3 lucky Red Squirrels gathered all the prizes in this month's

200 club draw.    

Allan Duncan, John Potter and Dave Smith. Brilliant!

News Item: 28/February/24

Red Squirrels gathered for prize giving, following today's competition.

Ken, Tommy and Alistair entertain with results, awards and quips.



News Item: 22/January/24

Ken M. enjoys the view before another day's skiing, thanks Ken.


   "Blue skies over Carlisle today".

But the "Course is Closed" again as 'Heavy rain is forecast' !!

News Item: 14/January/24

Angus enjoys a sunny morning.

  "Buenos dias" .. "No mud here"

News Item: 31/December/23

" I rather enjoyed that but I'm glad we only had time to play 7 holes"! !!

   A HAPPY NEW YEAR ------ Red Squirrels.

News Item: 17/December/2023

Red Squirrel Committee Member Tommy, out an' about

in the frozen heights  of Alston, looking for Santa.

Chooses his Christmas Tree, (Should've gone to specsavers) !!


News Item: 15/December/2023

The Red Squirrels are very sad to hear the news

that "Dabber" Bell has unfortunately passed away,

a great Red Squirrel, he will be missed.


Still rolling the putts in !

News Item: 15/December/2023

Red Squirrel Ken Murray looking for the 8th Hole, its been missing a while,

I wonder if Trolleys are allowed.

News Item: 13/December/2023




Red Squirrels getting "cheesed" off with photos and ready to eat.


Myke sorts out the next winner of the brilliant raffle prizes.

Victor gets the last laugh with a "truck load" of humour

and gives thanks to CGC catering management

and  hard working Red Squirrels' committee.

News Item: 13/December/2023

The Red Squirrels have been busy this year raising monies to assist

the club Captains' charity and the Junior members of the club.

Committe members, John Waugh, Mike Cullen and John Barron (Left)

and Myke Nixon (Right) present cheques to Club Captains Geoff and Janette

and also to Club Professional / Junior Organiser Nicky.

News Item: 16/October/2023

Notes from the Red Squirrels AGM, 11/10/23

and dates for your diaries.

31 Red Squirrels attended.

Some apologies for absence were received.

    The Chairman thanked everyone for attending. Squirrels have had a fantastic year, now an integral part of the club. He thanked the committee for all their work and informed the meeting that unfortunately Dr. George Raitt had sadly passed away.

    The Secretary also thanked the committee for all of their hard work, he also thanked Mike Bland for keeping the website up to date, David Kirkbride for his photography work and Alistair Kirkpatrick for organising the away day. Tommy Little was thanked for his work in obtaining prizes and a special thanks to those who had volunteered to help out at the club competitions. He then thanked Carlisle Embroidery, Myke Nixon and Alan Causer for their continued support. We have lost three members, Dr. George Raitt and Clark Black and David Dalglish who decided not to renew their membership. On the recruitment side we have welcomed 8 new members. All of the Major winners were congratulated he also pointed out that the Majors were very well supported with entries of 43, 40, 39, 40 and 38. On the stats side we played 961 rounds scoring 29,856 points. In the race for the Terris Two`s 39 Squirrels accounted for 120 2`s, the most scored was 11 this was achieved by Mike Cullen and David Kirkpatrick congratulations to both. Finally there was just one more thanks and that is to the members of the Red Squirrels because without you there would be no Red Squirrels and your continued support is very much appreciated.

    The Treasurer thanked Mike Jones for auditing the accounts. He then went through the balance sheet giving a very detailed account of the figures. There were less games played but we did have a donation from Dr. George Raitt and we also still managed to give to the Captains charities and the junior section. Once again we still have an healthy balance sheet.

    Inter - Club 0rganiser, Nick Stewardson gave a rundown of the results and overall we had another poor year, of the 8 home games we won 5, lost 1 and drew 1 but on our travels we only managed 1 draw losing the other 7. We used 40 players with Tommy Little playing 15 out of 16, Gordon Henshaw scored 22 points from 10 games. Nick thanked Clive Beck for his help and then said that we must try harder next year.

    Proposals: Mally Graham brought up the subject of handicaps, he said that he thought the lower handicappers found it difficult to complete. He then proposed 3 different solutions, the Secretary then mentioned using the 115 Standard Slope Index this would mean that your Index would be your handicap. Alistair Kirkpatrick then proposed that we have 2 divisions comprising of lower and higher handicappers. After a lively debate it was decided that we adopt the 2 division system with 2 prizes in each one and still keeping the maximum 4 shot cut.

John Hext proposed that we move the early major, Mason Trophy, to later in the year. Secretary to monitor the state of the course in April.

    A.O.B. Mike Jones suggested that we use mats now but the meeting decided that we wait until the club bring them in and that we use them only on the fairways. A 666 game was suggested but this was defeated.

    Closing Statement: The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and for their input into the debates and he then closed the meeting.

Dates for future diaries from the Secretary:

Eddie Boyle Trophy.
Round 1  Wednesday  25th October
Round 2  Wednesday  1st November
Round 3  Wednesday  8th November
Round 4  Wednesday  15th November
Round 5  Wednesday  22nd November
Round 6  Wednesday  29th  November
£5 entry  best 3 scores to count and the competition is played off club handicaps.
Christmas Lunch is being held on Wednesday 13th December.

News Item: 12/October/2023

The Red Squirrels rounded off their match season 2023

with a "friendly" champagne scramble with the club's lady golfers.

Everyone enjoyed the day, the weather, the golf, the food and the "craic".

Pictured above are the WINNERS .. Ken, Janette and Brian

 (apologies from Anette .. missing)

And SECOND PLACE .. Bob, Julie, Tracey and Alan. 

News Item: 27/September/2023

The Red Squirrels travelled to Brampton Golf Club for the 2nd leg of

their "home 'n' away" annual Trophy, played against the "Curlews". 

A severe storm forecast was in place for this season's final match.

A very tight contest and resultant "9 - 7 win" went the Red Squirrels way

Team Captains Tommy and Peter gave thanks to the players, the golf club staff,

the green keepers and the culpable weather forecasters. 

Reminder ... Red Squirrels AGM ... Wednesday 11th October 2023

News Item: 25/September/2023

 A great day to greet our visitors to Carlisle Golf Club for the Reivers from Hexham.


All players gathered for an enjoyable meal and get-together afterwards.

A warm and sunny day helped the match to a very close DRAW.

Captains for the day, Ian and John thanked

all the players and club staff for their efforts.

John reminded the group that the fixture with the Ladies

on 14th October still needed a few more players.

* * * *

News Item: 21/August/2023

 A visit to Carlisle Golf Club for the Beckwatchers from Workington,

ended in a win 5 - 3 for the away side.


Captains for the day, John and Martin thanked everyone involved in this

excellent day.

  Captain John shares a joke with the assembled teams. 

News Item: 14/August/2023

Blackwell Grange Golf Club, Darlington

Red Squirrels Away Day

Champions on the day, Mike and Kevin ... 42 points

Despite the Weather, a great day, enjoyed by all.


Three photos of "Yours truly" supported on both sides

by the other prize winners. (past his bedtime)!

Angus and Terry .. 40 pts

Ken and Ashley .. 40 pts

Best back 9 .. Nick and Colin

Front 9 .. Dave C and Ian K

Nearest the pins .. Roger, John B, Ken B

*  *  *  *

News Item: 8/August/2023

Brilliant win "7  -  1"  for the Red Squirrels.

 A warm welcome was given to The Curlews from Brampton Golf Club.


Captains for the day Sandy and Tommy enjoyed the day and thanked

the team players, club staff and green staff. The course, the catering and the weather

were in good order.

News Item: 31/July/2023

The Red Squirrels struggled through the rain to meet up with the Beckwatchers

at Workington Golf Club today.

Match captains Martin and Alistair, with partners Phil and John

led the teams for 2023's 1st fixture.

Many thanks were offered to the players, clubhouse staff and greenkeepers

for an excellent welcome, good food and drinks and a testing golf course.

A very enjoyable day and the Home team winning 5 - 3.

News Item: 24/July/2023

The Red Squirrels travelled to Penrith Golf Club today and were welcomed

by "Dad's Army" to a great day and team matches.

The recent wet weather had cast doubt on the fixture but the

course had made a brilliant recovery.


Captains Alistair and Don praised the players as the Trophy was presented.

A hard fought 81/2--71/2 victory to the Red Squirrels.

   With the lakes and hills in the background,
the golf, weather and matches were enjoy here by Alan, Mark, Kevin and Mike.

News Item: 22/July/2023

The Red Squirrels sent messages to show their respect and sorrow at the news

that Dr George Raitt had unfortunately passed away recently.


Still rolling the putts in !

News Item: 3/July/2023

The Red Squirrels welcomed Vintage from Lochmaben Golf Club.

Match captains thanked the players and Carlisle GC for a warm welcome.

The weather though was a different story. Very heavy, squally showers.


Captains Colin and Jim enjoyed this return 2023 fixture which ended in

another of this year's few wins. A brilliant 51/2  -  21/2 victory to the Red Squirrels.

News Item: 19/June/2023

The Red Squirrels welcomed the Birdies from Southerness today.

Match captains Kevin and Dave shared the trophy for a moment.


Also pictured here are Captain Dave and partner Roger, who led the charge 

for a brilliant 5  -  1 victory for the Red Squirrels today.

News Item: 11/June/2023

At Last a win for the Squirrels! 

Nick takes a hand picked team to Northwest London and returned a triumpant WIN.

News Item: 11/June/2023

Red Squirrel match captain, Colin Connelly

thanked the Lochmaben team for a grand day out.

The home team posted a good win.

News Item: 19/May/2023

A visit to Northumberland today. The Red Squirrels visited Hexham Reivers.

 A brilliant, warm, sunny day. Perfect for a golf match.

Both teams rose to the occasion, the Reivers a little more than the Red Squirrels.

resounding win for the home team. .. 61/2 to 11/2.

Team Captains Chris and Martyn happily taking the first halved match.

News Item: 15/May/2023

The Red Squirrels welcomed "The Sandpipers" from Silloth Golf Club.

 A cool, clear start to what turned into a fabulously warm spring day.

Both teams enjoyed the golf. The course is beginning to recover from the winter onslaught.

The Red Squirrels home result ...... a ....... DRAW

Team Captains Dave and Gilmour exchanged and gave thanks to the players.

News Item: 13/May/2023

Good weekend for "Shrimping"

The Red Squirrels on summer tour at Morecambe.

'A grand day out' but no trophy.

News Item: 8/May/2023

Coronation Weekend (HRH King Charles III).

The Red Squirrels welcomed "Dad's Army" from Penrith Golf Club.

 The weather was horrendous. Heavy rain and floods all over the course.

Both teams battled on to the end, reaching a very close result.

First win this year for the Red Squirrels.. 41/2 to 31/2

Team Captains Alistair and Barry agreed on a good event.

Golfers enjoyed the food and "Craic" afterwards. 

* . * . *


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